In August 2018, Club Captain Steve Vass worked a miracle.

He actually managed to get Elvis into the building where he entertained a room full of eager fans to a night of terrific music, moves and memories.

A couple of weeks later, Steve filled all available slots for a golf tournament, organised a great sunny afternoon and supper to follow. The winning team consisted of Andy Hebditch, Verne Lake and Steve Vass himself. They received the Captain James Philippson Memorial Cup, which was inaugurated in Portugal, in 2007 and engraved tankards.

19 team of three played on the day, with another 20 players wishing to participate, but unable to due to limited teetimes. Hopefully 2019 will be able to accommodate all who wish to play.

Most of the cash raised was from auctions at both events, including Football memorabilia, champagne, golfdays donated by other clubs and jewellery.

A total of £2,781.34 was raised and has already been donated to Help for Heroes.

Trish’s team – we didn’t win, but had great fun,
with Fiona Langridge and Trish Orme
Steve Vass, Captain and Trish Elvis with his adoring fans, Lorraine Vass, Juliet Shepherd and Trish